How do you ensure good quality of materials? RCNY technical team members work with haulers to ensure that each load is clean-- frequent inspections are made to ensure quality control.

How much compost do you create? This is large-scale processing. As current regulations hold, we can process up to 1000 cubic yards of organic waste each year. 

How is it curated to the farm's chemistry? Before and after composting is finished, we will conduct soil tests on the designated areas for application as well as the compost pile. 

What about equipment? RCNY provides all the needed equipment, technology and skill needed for the operation. 

What does the farmer have to do? Nothing, just give us a designated lot on the farm and we will do the rest. We are always happy to collaborate!  

Do you only work on vegetable farms? Not at all. We work with orchards, animal operations, gardens and pastures. We also work with brownfields.