Cost efficiency

Higher crop yields

Reduced erosion

Increased water retention

Improved soil ecology

Increased organic material in soil

more nutrient dense food





 ReCultivateNY partners with New York's farms to execute a tailored composting plan — restoring the soil holistically and naturally.  By working with Hudson Valley farmers and the New York City food industry, we are bridging the gap between producers and consumers. We are completing a plant's true life cycle. 


What We Do

We make compost where it is needed. 

RCNY provides the professional experience, the manpower, and infrastructure

RCNY helps farms understand the chemistry of their soil. Our expert technical team will create a custom compost to match the needs of the soil.

We work with waste haulers to deliver the organic material to the farm. We manage the schedule of deliveries, maintain the compost piles and handle all operational details. We mix, turn and sift!  

Once the compost is finished, the compost belongs to the farm. We are able to help create a plan on how the compost should be utilized directly on the farm.

Our technical team is prepared to teach farmers the skills to continue compost efforts— from understanding soil tests to equipment operation.


A crop's role on the farm should not

end with the harvest. 

Are you a farmer interested in partnering with us? Want to learn more?