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Promote Healthier, FLAVORFUl FOOD




REDUCE Truck Traffic More Than 50%


Mitigate Landfill Expansion


INCREASE Land Availability


create new jobs


ReCultivateNY (RCNY) addresses the enormous economic, health and social problems surrounding depleted farmland and contaminated soil, along with the inefficiencies and failures of urban organic waste disposal.  

RCNY’s paradigm-shifting solution is based on creating a symbiotic, closed loop between the urban and the rural – transforming organic waste into curated compost delivered directly to the land in need.


We partner with waste carters, restaurants, food distributors and municipalities to capture our food waste before it enters the landfill. 

We divert this nutrient-dense resource to our network of farm and brownfield sites where we begin the composting process. 

A few months later, once the compost is finished, our sites have complete access to this "black gold."




We compost directly where the soil needs it so this means we have no central location, we have no large facility. We are mobile. When we identify a partner site, we redirect the waste carters to unload the food waste on site. There, we process the organics by mixing in browns (leaves, sticks) and maintain the compost pile until it is fully cured and ready for use. Once the compost is finished, it is right where it is needed. No more trucking. 

we work with communities

We understand that each community has different perspectives, needs and visions. We are respectful and sensitive of these issues and work closely with each host community. We are working with schools, local businesses, and community change-makers to address local issues and create local solutions.

 In 2018, we will be launching our partner foundation to continue our community outreach and organize workshops and creative programs, to educate individuals on the benefits of composting.

we create new solutions

Food waste is not a new issue, but in order to truly tackle it, we must be innovative. Our team consists of engineers, film makers, chefs, and technical visionaries. We are constantly pushing the limits on new solutions to combat food waste and to improve the health of our land in a holistic and sustainable way.




ABOUT        Our Story      What We Do      Who We Are